Well Being Assessment

What’s the Risk?

A Well Being Assessment (WBA) is a short questionnaire about your health history, habits and key measurements to create an individual profile of your health. St. Joseph Health System has contracted with a national organization specializing in health assessment services, to manage these. An WBA has two specific sections:

  1.  Self-report section with basic questions on personal medical history and lifestyle habits, and conditions known to be significant predictors of future health risks.
  2.  Biometric Screening to gather your key health measurements: height, weight, body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose.

After completing your WBA you will immediately have your results report. It will review your results and information about any health risks. It will also include tips on how to reduce your risks, improve your measurements and live longer.

Your personal health information from both the WBA and the biometric screening is kept absolutely confidential.
 Our wellness partners will manage all of the data using state-of-the-art technology to ensure security and confidentiality.  Keeping with HIPAA guidelines, individual data is never shared by any of our health promotion partners.  No one from your employer, SJHS, your physician, your insurance carrier, or a third party outside of our wellness will have access to the information on your WBA or in your biometric screening. It is exclusively available to you—no one will have this information unless you share it.